Tree Planting Event
By Josh Harrison |

Today I was near York photographing a tree planting event arranged by Reforest Action, Siemens Gamesa & Tilhill Forestry. The staff from Siemens spent the morning planting around 300 native trees. According to Reforest Action: "The land was previously composed of non-native resinous species that had to be harvested due to climate chnage. A reforestation effort is planned here with 2600 trees of various species to be planted as part of a scheme that plans to restore old semi-natural woodland. The ten broadleaf species planted (Oak, Birch, Rowan, Homebeam, Aspen, Fiedl Maple, Holly, Hazel, Hawthorn, Gorse & Elder) will increase the resistance of the land to climatic hazards and enrich local biodiversity. These species will also assist to combat soil erosion and, in turn, regulate water flow to prevent flooding, waterlogging and surface run off in future. The trees planted will also store carbon, a necessity in the fight against global warming."

Reforest Action, Siemens Gamsa & Tilhill Forestry