The Best Waterfalls
Of The Yorkshire Dales

Pecca Falls | Ingleton Waterfall Trail

Pecca Falls is one of the first waterfalls on the Ingleton Waterfall Trail. It has a great viewing platform which lines up perfectly with this multi tier waterfall and there is space to set up your tripod if it's not too busy. As with most waterfalls it looks most impressive after recent rain. However this sheltered bit of the trail can be full of mosquitos so don't forget the repellent.

Pecca Falls Waterfall

Thornton Force | Ingleton Waterfall Trail

The largest and most impressive waterfall on the trail is Thornton Force Waterfall which drops 14 metres over the limestone cliff. There are plenty of vantage points to take photos from and you can walk right down to the river. This one of the busiest area's of the trail if you are there during a holiday or weekend.

Thornton Force Waterfall

Beezley Falls | Ingleton Waterfall Trail

While they are not the biggest waterfalls, Beezley Falls are my favourite falls on the trail with an almost prehistoric look. The viewing area for these falls is a bit smaller and it's a bit more awkward to line up the falls in the background, but they are usually much quieter and you give you chance to just sit and enjoy nature.

Beezley Falls

Upper Falls | Aysgarth Falls

These are probably the most famous waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales. Aysgarth's Upper Falls have numerous viewing points and you can access the river easily. There are multiple tiers and like most falls they look most impressive after recent rain. It's easy to spend a few hours there but they can get very busy especially in Summer.

Aysgarth Falls Upper Falls

Middle Falls | Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth's Middle Falls are only accessible via some steps to a small viewing platform. This single drop waterfall is still quite impressive and it's a great place to get photos if it's not too busy.

Aysgarth Falls Middle Falls

Lower Falls | Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth's Lower Falls have is a long cascading waterfall with multiple tiers and can be viewed from the top or you can walk further along to access the riverside and get a great view looking back up the falls. There are numerous small rock pools eroded by the river and once again this area can get quite busy especially in the summer.

Aysgarth Falls Lower Falls

Cauldron Falls | West Burton

A short drive from Aysgarth are the Cauldron Falls at West Burton. This beautiful waterfall is worth visiting any time of year. You can photograph it from so many different angles or walk around to the waterfall itself. The small footbridge over the river gives a great angle looking upstream towards the falls. The village is only small so on busy days it’s sometime difficult to find somewhere to park. Weekdays, early mornings or evenings are usually the best time to visit.

Cauldron Falls West Burton