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Migratory Birds At RSBP Bempton Cliffs

By Josh Harrison |

Many different species travel along the East Coast this time of year including Short Eared Owls, a bird I've wanted to photograph for quite a while but never had much luck. I knew there where quite a few at RSPB Bempton Cliffs at the moment so I stopped in for a few hours and didn't see anything. A few days later I was in Bridlington again so called back in at Bempton and this time I was fortunate to be able to watch two Short Eared Owls hunting for about 45mins in the afternoon sunshine. They where usually quite far away but would occassionally fly a bit closer. Here is one of the better shots I managed to take.

Another bird I hadn't managed to photograph before was a Goldcrest. I've seen them a number of times but they are small and very fast and often by the time you've focused, they've already gone. Today I managed to get a few shots of these birds as they darted around near the visitor centre.