Sahara Desert | Marrakech | Atlas Mountains

Morocco has such a diversity of people and culture, which isn't surprising considering it's location with Africa to the South and Europe to the North. The wildlife and landscapes are equally varied from the beautiful coastal towns to the peaks of the High Atlas mountains and the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert. This was my first experience of North Africa and I was amazed by just how much there is to see and I will definitely be returning again to explore more of this amazing country.

  • Exploring the Sahara Desert
  • An Uromastyx Lizard in the Anti-Atlas mountains
  • Tinghir in the afternoon light
  • Stars over the Sahara Desert
  • Essaouira on the west coast
  • Aït Benhaddou
  • La Jardin Mojerelle
  • Koutoubia Marrakech
  • A White Stork in Marrakech
  • The Anti-Atlas Mountains
  • The Medinas of Marrakech
  • The Atlas Mountains