Property Photography

Homes, Hotels & Holiday Lets

If you're a private seller, construction company, hotel or B&B, or have an AirBnB or holiday home, I can provide a set of images of your property for estate agents, holiday let websites or your own website and marketing. This can include multiple visits to the property if you need images during a renovation or construction process, or just a one off visit, whatever you need. Dressing the property is always important especially for holiday lets so if you need any advice on this beforehand then don't hesitate to ask.

Interior Photography

Interior Designers & Tradesmen

As well as standard interior photography for general use, I also work with various interior designers and tradesmen to photograph work for portfolios. This can include kitchen and flooring companies, painters, joiners and any other interior work on a property. If your clients are happy to have their home photographed, I am happy to liaise with your clients and arrange a time with them to visit the property and photograph your work.

Business Photography

Shops & Restaurants

Shopfronts, businesses and restaurants usually need some external and interior images of their property for use on their website and marketing. I always try and capture the shopfront in the best natural light and if you need interior photos of the business I'm happy to book a shoot before you open or after you close if it's going to be to disruptive to do while you're open. If you'd like some new images of your shop, restuarant or any other business you can contact me to discuss it.

360 Photography

Show people round your business

I can provide 360 photography with a standard 360 camera. Please note* I do not have a Matterport camera, but do work with other photographers who specialise in 3D tours so they can be brought in as required. The standard 360 images are provided as hi-res panoramic jpgs which can be uploaded to various sites such as Facebook and your Google Business profile. If your intention is to include 360 images on your business website you will need to check that your platform supports 360 images or use a third party company to host the 360 images. If you have any questions about the best options for you, feel free to contact me.